Lavender Cottage

Lavender – from the latin lavare (to wash) – is a plant that’s been used for centuries as a powerful remedy for life’s stresses. From curing insomnia to protecting the heart, the velvet purple flower of this sacred bush is synonymous with tranquillity and inner peace – which are two “side effects” you’ll immediately notice when you step into the Lavender Cottage. Natural light filters through the roof light of this former artist’s studio with its vintage wooden doors that open onto a classically designed interior with a deep red stand-alone couch and antique desk. Lavender stems suspended in water brings to mind the aromatic bushes that surround the cottage, as does the distinct purple colour of the bathroom walls.

Room Amenities

The Lavender Cottage has a fireplace, aircon, bath & shower, safe, hair dryer, Nespresso coffee machine, tv and minibar.
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